ClearSite Communications, Inc. is a software engineering and product development company. Focused on the outdoor security space, we have developed and brought to market three main product lines over the last six years. Each of these products fills a specific void in the security space by offering a unique set of product features, reliable operation, and cost effectiveness. These products have proven their robustness and reliability for years in deployments around the world, protecting critical assets such as airports, military bases, schools, industrial plants, remote sites, and other similar infrastructure.

The decision to design and implement these products from the ground up stems from our strong belief that when dealing with security applications, consistency and reliability are paramount. Achieving this is less likely if one is dependent on third party software. Having total control over the software components, hardware components, and intellectual property gives great flexibility in adding new features, and also allows for a stable and consistent baseline which is so critical in security related applications.

We strive to design and produce consistent and reliable products. Each of ClearSite's products are designed by senior staff with many years experience in the given discipline. Each unit is carefully assembled and tested before they are shipped. The products have a track record of years of extreme stability and service in the field.


PPU: The Perpetual Power Unit (PPU), our latest product offering, solves a common problem within the security industry by allowing light poles with timed power to be used to power security equipment 24/7 without outages. Light poles in parking lots and along streets make great places for security cameras, but unfortunately are often on centrally controlled timers which cannot be changed. During the day when it is light outside, the power is off. Since it is imperative that security equipment such as cameras and communication devices operate continuously, the poles which are potentially great assets are often not used for security locations since the costly burden of trenching a separate power line to the pole is typically cost prohibitive. The PPU is a cost effective solution that allows pole assets to be used by quickly charging a deep cycle battery when AC power is available, and in turn supplying 12V DC to the loads on a continuous basis.

The PPU is quite different from an outdoor UPS in that typically a UPS can only supply power to security devices such as cameras and communications equipment for 1 or 2 hours, while the PPU can handle much longer times. Depending on the load and PPU model, the PPU can continuously power loads for days. For this reason, even when power is always available at a site, the PPU is often used as an ultra UPS, capable of handling extended outages without the security devices going off line. In addition to providing clean continuous power to the security loads day after day, the PPU contains an intelligent control mechanism. This mechanism can be used to monitor loads and automatically or manually reset them if needed, report unexpected power outages, precisely adjust charging voltage based on temperature, and other similar tasks.
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VR42: This product was the first to go to market. It is an intelligent wireless mesh router that allows a video mesh network to be built for the purpose of transmitting and receiving camera video streams, sensor data, and other security related information. It creates self forming, self healing, encryption protected mesh networks that provide consistent and reliable service.
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ReconPro: This unique product combines video analytics, various sensors and RFID technologies to form a versatile platform used for surveillance and reconnaissance. It uses combinations of video analytics, sensors and RFID to provide instant video and/or text alerts when certain events occur. It is perfect for monitoring remote locations, recording and/or transmitting video clips when events of interest occur.
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